Friday, 9 May 2014

4 trends in framing best and lively Engagement photos

Engagements photos are life time memory for a couple therefore it needs special treatment in wedding photography series. Let’s check some of the most popular trends in taking photos for engagement days.

Use of props

Nowadays couples often use of props as background of their engagement photos. It adds a new dimension in the photo shoot as well as adds a new harmony to the reel presentation of the engaged couple. Both small and large propos are used depending on the personal discretion of the newly married couple.

Engagement photographs in natural style

Some couples love to make the background of their engagement photo natural. This style is used for creating natural styled engagement photos. These photos are taken in most natural background like the couple is in their living room or in bed room or doing gardening together. These photos depict the life style and romantic intimacy between the couple and thus look cute.

Vintage style

As old wine always tastes better, vintage styles engagement photos are always look extremely cute and innovative. These photos can be taken in an old castle, or in some vintage backdrop, where a new aura and mood will be added to the photos. Here with vintage background the photo series will look and will be added with a new dimension.

Global view used for engagement photo

Global view means the view of some cities and places for making the photos interesting and scenic. Whereas couples can use European back ground, as per discretion US or other places which are favorite places for honeymoon can also be used as the background of these photos.

You can use any of these 4 trends for your engagement photos or you may combine 2-3 styles for making the engagement photos unique.

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